It is essential to deal with associated problems early

Associated problems in cerebral palsy like speech, vision and convulsion are very common. it is better if these are dealt with as early as possible, preferably below two years of age while brain is still immature. There is great hope of improvement if specific treatment starts at the earliest possible. so it is advisable not to delay .speech therapy should start as early as possible, preferably below two years of age. it not only improves speech but also controls drooling. Vision problems like squint can be treated as any other child having squint but if vision is poor then child needs sensory integration as early as possible . Every episode of convulsions delay the improvement and hinder in treatment progress . Most of the time convulsions can be kept well under control with modern medicines which should be continued for long duration. it is seen that proper control of associated medical problems helps a lot in getting faster functional recovery. it changes overall outlook of the child and also affects the treatment outcome to a great extent.more update about latest development in mx of cerebral palsy log to & you tube trishla foundation cerebral palsy

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