it is important to care and proper use of assistive devices and orthotics

The day of a child with cerebral palsy and his/her family is not as normal as others. it begins with everyday challenges for activities of daily living.starting from defecation to brushing bathing feeding and of course walking. plenty of assistive devices are available to make their lives easy. often we get them and start using but to get full benefit it is very important to use them properly and also maintain them. some rules for caring of these devices are 1)Proper cleaning and drying 2)Use of assistive devices during daily activities. not only to walk during a time of exercise but to use them for every activity and maximize their abilities 3)Help them make independent as much as possible 4)Regular repairing 5)Regular use of orthotics as advised.
it is also important that starting from whatever is the capacity of child we should go on reducing the dependency and change the type of device as per advice. like moving from walker to crutches and then to sticks. more update about latest development in mx of cerebral palsy log to & you tube trishla foundation cerebral palsy


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