Tendon transfer in foot deformity

partial tendon transfer of tibialis anterior

Common causes of foot deformity are polio, cerebral palsy, meningo-myelocoel, CTEV, nerve injury. If this deformity is because of muscle imbalance then it will need tendon transfer along with correction of deformity. Chance of recurrence of deformity became lesser by the use of tendon transfer. We utilize the tendon from remaining muscle in extremity that after transfer do not interfere much in important function of limbs. Selection of tendon is very important during surgery. Power of transferred tendon should be Grade 5 but never less than 4 because after transfer power may decrease upto 1 grade and it should in same direction of pull of weak muscles. 

you tube link to few cases with tendon transfer 

We can utilize complete or half of tendon in transfer. Half tendon transfer are being utilized commonly in cerebral palsy & ctev affected foot. In ctev & cerebral palsy we utilized half tendon of tibialis Anterior to lateral side of foot to balance over action of forefoot inversion and half tendon of tibialis posterior in hind foot inversion of cerebral palsy foot . In foot drop, we transferred tibialis anterior to mid portion of foot and in calcaneous foot we transfer peronie & inverter muscle posterior toward insertion of tendoachilis. After tendon transfer, foot will be protected with plaster for 1 month and then with brace. Vigorous therapy can be started after 6 week and child will to walk after 2 month with brace. Person has to wear brace minimum 3-4 months.


for more information contact

Dr Jitendra kumar Jain

pediatric orthopedic surgeon cum foot surgeon

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  1. My second son who is now 23 yrs has been suffering from CP. In the early stage he was under treatment but with no improvement. Now I take him to doctors intermittently amidst his condition deteriorating. He cannot sit or can do nothing without assistance.He cannot talk.
    Can I get any assistance?
    Abdul Hamid
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    • orry for late reply . this mail is reply for your query regarding treatment of your son on comment on tendon transfer in cerebral palsy treatment india blogs. every person affected with cerebral palsy have good chance of recovery by various means of therapy, surgery & brace bot most of them require detail evaluation . in start you can send me video recording of different activity like crawling, walking, standing and whatsoever he is able to do activity and send me to my other mail address jjain999@gmail then i can tell you that what best can be done for your son .
      one patient from dhaka, Ms shormy roy 25 yr has taken treatment at our place 6 month back and now she has got walking capability after treatment. before treatment she was not able to do any activity by herself. she is on facebook her facebook address is https://www.facebook.com/shormi.roy.1 you can discuss with her treatment facility & procedure at our center at allahabad in india. with regards
      you can lots of information on —–
      http://www.samvednatrust.com, http://www.trishlaortho.com

      Dr J K Jain, pediatric orthopedic surgeon
      Allahabad, UP, India

  2. Hello dr. I am 25 year old i fall down from 7-8 foot & have an injury in my back with having an l-1 fracture, from that time i have an foot drop problem. Now i want to get a best treatment. Please help me to come out

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