Early surgical intervention in Spastic Cerebral Palsy

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Role of surgical intervention in children with cerebral palsy arise when we think that child is not improving with therapy any more & he resist to go for therapy at all. If none responding to therapy is because of development of fix deformity, weakness in some group of muscle, contracture of muscle & tendon along with torsional deformity of bone then child really need some intervention to tackle this entire problem. In early age it can be managed by therapy & braces and some time botulinum toxin.

Most of the time, gait is matured between the age of 5-6 year age. After maturity of gait all these measure fail to give any benefit to these children then we really need some surgical intervention to prevent development of permanent deformity that can interfere in further functional improvement. Ideal age of surgical intervention is about 6-9 year age.  


Latest advancement in management in cerebral palsy

Every parents of children with any kind of physical disability specially cerebral palsy will have a desire of nearly normal looking his own child  as much as possible & he/she will try their best to get this outcome. In search of best outcome, they will always wondering from one place to other. When their child has minor disability then they will always looking for the measure that can manage their complete problem so that their child can play around like other children and their child can mix up with their peer group so that their child never feel ashamed of disability. Now early surgical intervention by the concept of SEMLOSSS can give rise to excellent recovery in the children with cerebral palsy & mild to moderate disability. Link to this you tube video to have real story in these children  — http://youtu.be/7HieYTYEknc

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Dr J K Jain

Cerebral Palsy affected Adult with sever physical disability can also have good quality of life

It is easier to manage children with cerebral palsy even in children with sever deformity(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waEsYsoakcc) but as their age increases their problem is proportionately increase and it became very trouble some to manage them. it is not the only that adult is affected but whole family is affected with this problem and with passage of time as their problem increase because of many factor like osteomalacia, obesity, increasing spasticity, deformity and psychological issue , it became very difficult to manage them even for their daily routine activity like transfer, toilet, bathing and feeding. so it became very important to mange all their deformity and spasticity along with other associated medical problem so their routine requirement can be managed in much easier way. now with advancement in medical science most of the medical problem can be managed much easier way. most of the adult are confined to indoor so that most of time they will have osteomalacia & osteoporosis so they should be supplemented with Vit D and calcium. some of them will have obesity and others can have malnutrition so proper nutrition should be taken care at least proper weight and heath should be maintained . overweight always their physical activity and after certain weight they can became bedridden.  proper architectural design should be taken care for barrier free environment at home and at business center so that their movement should not be hampered. if any one of them have deformity of joint and extremity along with unbalanced body then they should be managed by therapeutic & surgical modality (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tf_Khcc4f8) . all the persisting physical & orthopedic problem should be managed by single event multi level surgery and it can be better managed by SEMLOSSS (http://www.samvednatrust.com/cerebral-palsy/recent-advancements/).

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Benefit of early intervention in children with cerebral palsy


Most of the time it has been said that child with cerebral palsy will improve on his natural progress and there is no need of any intervention but it is not true as a whole . truth is that if you are not giving proper therapy to child , child is not going to have good quality of progress. By the use of good quality of therapy, different intervention modality and judicious use of bracing can help the child with cerebral palsy in getting good functional improvement and they can change the natural progress of the child .

on of the parents rightly written on his testimonial as ——–

My son  Shivansh Pandey (31/2 years) was a premature baby who could not sit, stand and walk till 21/2 yrs.  Consultants in Faizabad referred him to Dr. J.K. Jain.  On his advise we stayed in Allahabad for 3 months during which Shivansh was treated at Samvedna Trust.  In these 3 months he has improved drastically and started sitting and crawling independently.  He was further injected Botulinum Toxin followed by vigorous physiotherapy.  Today Shivansh can walk 20 – 25 steps independently.  Thanking Samvedna for such unbelievable results. link to you tube video of this child

Vipin Pandey – Faizabad (U.P.)

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